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Lawson signs contract with Casella Wines

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Lawson  Software, a provider of enterprise software applications, has announced it has signed a contract with Casella Wines to help the company automate its sales order process and improve information reporting.

The contract was signed in Lawson’s fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, which ended 31 May 2007.

Under the deal, Casella Wines will deploy Lawson’s M3 Enterprise Mobility solution. This solution is designed to provide Casella Wines’ field sales staff with immediate access to information to help measure activities and events, as well as information on sales forms, processes and inventory.

Casella Wines will also become the first Lawson customer in Australia to deploy Lawson M3 Sales Automation solution.

Lawson M3 Sales Automation is a management dashboard and reporting solution that will help Casella improve sales efficiency and implement sales strategies. It also provides managers with the ability to quickly and easily access and track information on sales activities.

The Casella family has been making wine in Australia for three generations and today it is still a family business.

Casella Wines entered the export arena in mid 2000 with the launch of its brand [yellow tail]. It sells more than 10 million cases per year to international markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Canada. In 2003, Casella began selling the [yellow tail] brand domestically.

Both Lawson M3 Enterprise Mobility and Sales Automation will help Casella Wines maintain sales orders and deliveries in key markets and help to develop growing markets.

“A key reason behind our decision to choose Lawson was the M3 Enterprise Mobility solution,” said David Alpen, business service manager for Casella Wines.

“From the outset, we were very impressed with its high level of usability, as well as the interface benefits. When we saw a demonstration of the new Sales Automation reporting solution, this further cemented our opinion that Lawson had the complete package to suit our needs. It offers the kind of dashboard functionality our managers need to know what’s going on in the field.”

Up until now, Casella has relied on telephone and fax to process sales orders from wholesale customers and direct sales representatives. This has meant that sales managers and staff have often lacked the detailed breakdown of information they have needed.

The new Lawson solution will help provide an accurate and historical view of sales activities and trends in customer demand.

“Our investment in Lawson M3 Enterprise Mobility and Sales Automation will allow us to make our business processes more efficient,” said Alpen.

“These tools will help us take better control of our sales processing, reporting and information management functions. As a result, we will be able to streamline our order placement and delivery process. Our field staff will have greater access to real time information about their customers’ sales history, which will allow them to be more proactive.”

“We’ll no longer be reliant on phones to get updates on sales activities, and we won’t have to worry about faxes going missing, or people left wondering if an order’s been placed. Orders will no longer have to be double-keyed as what’s entered into the system by the sales rep in the field, goes all the way through the system. This will reduce the chance of error with the order process.”

 “We look forward to building a strong relationship with the company as it continues to grow internationally.”said Stephen Moore, managing director for Lawson.

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