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Lawson Software releases Lawson M3 7.1 applications

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Lawson Software has released Lawson M3 7.1 applications for manufacturing, distribution and maintenance companies. Lawson M3 7.1 delivers on Lawson Software’s commitment to develop and support distinct product lines such as one tailored to manufacturing-related sectors and one for service sector organisations.

Highlights of the Lawson M3 7.1 application release include:

  • Smart Client, a significantly enhanced user interface
  • Increased functionality through supply chain orders
  • Continued enhancement to Lawson Software’s industry-specific functionality
  • New system foundation that separates Lawson M3 applications from Lawson M3 technology and helps customers avoid disruptive upgrades

Lawson M3 7.1 is designed for customers in fashion, food and beverage, distribution, asset-intensive and manufacturing industries. Lawson Software unveiled the Lawson M3 7.1 applications at the Lawson Conference and User Exchange (CUE). in San Diego. The previous year at CUE, Lawson Software highlighted Lawson 9 applications and technology designed for Lawson Software’s customers in the service-sector industries.

Following Lawson Software's recent release of the new Lawson M3 7.1 technology, a complete package is being delivered to Lawson M3 users. By delivering a new technical foundation for Lawson M3 7.1, Lawson Software has separated the applications from the technology and has made it simpler for its customers to move up to the new release without disrupting their entire organisation.

Smart Client

With the Smart Client user interface, which is a core element of the overall M3 7.1 applications release, Lawson Software is redefining how people will interact with its applications. Lawson Software worked with the leading user interface developer frog design to create Smart Client, which will become the common user interface for Lawson Software’s products moving forward.

Smart Client is an easily deployed and managed client application that sits on a central server. Smart Clientdelivers an intuitive user interface that allows user-specific customisation and personalisation to put the right tools and information on every user’s screen. The new user interface can incorporate features such as documents, two- and three-dimensional graphics, and video. Due to its intuitive design, Smart Client can help companies achieve greater data discipline, because the interface will help ensure that people use the system and work with data in the right manner.

According to Lawson, Smart Client transforms the enterprise desktop work environment and the user experience. With Smart Client, users will not merely tab through data entry forms anymore. By putting key information specific to an individual person’s role on their screen in a user-friendly format, this new user interface can help bring about significant improvements in productivity.

Supply Chain Orders

The new Lawson Software Supply Chain Orders provides functionality for a wide variety of industries that use the M3 applications. Supply Chain Orders links the various orders within a supply chain to provide greater visibility into the entire supply chain and allow greater flexibility to successfully react to changes in orders. As an example, the M3 application allows automated adjustments throughout the supply chain if a delivery date or quantity change is made. The M3 application automates the process of making changes to order networks and enables users to check on the status of a linked order chain and whether the current delivery terms can be met.

In addition, the Lawson M3 7.1 applications provide enhancements to better meet a company’s global capable-to-promise needs. A user can analyse orders and quickly identify their capability to deliver as promised, based on inventory, sourcing needs and overall capacity. This what if capability can help save time and provide critical intelligence to help ensure companies can provide realistic delivery dates to their customers.

Industry-specific functionality: Fashion Production Planning

The Lawson M3 7.1 Fashion Production Planning delivers improved supply chain visibility and quicker information access for fashion manufacturers. The new Lawson M3 7.1 Fashion Planning Workbench helps improve management of capacity and delivery performance by simulating production capability at one or a number of sites and supporting decision making to balance load and meet customer delivery dates.

Hong Kong-based TAL, one of the world’s major apparel manufacturers, has piloted and is now live on Lawson M3 7.1 Fashion Planning Workbench. TAL works with complex supply chains where any delay can hamper the ability to meet delivery deadlines.. With the Lawson M3 7.1 Fashion Planning Workbench, changes can be made easily to order entries and it can be quickly determined where to orders are to be moved between facilities to respond better to customer requests and ensure on-time delivery.

Industry-specific functionality: Demand Planner

Demand volatility and changing product ranges can make effective forecasting and demand planning a challenge for manufacturers and distributors. The Lawson M3 7.1 Forecasting and Demand Planner applications will help improve forecasting results and avoid depleted or excessive inventory, which leads to poor customer service and increased operating costs.

The enhancements include:

  • Statistical forecasting improvements for more business flexibility and faster forecasting
  • Improved demand planning functionality to help provide better forecast accuracy, which can help increase customer loyalty, reduce product waste due to product expiration or obsolescence and reduce rushed orders and stock handling costs
  • The ability to lock and store budgets for future comparisons

Jelly Belly, a well known manufacturer of jelly beans, is engaged with Lawson to pilot the Lawson M3 7.1 Demand Planner application.

According to Jelly Belly, manufacturing a jelly bean takes up to 21 days and for incomplete or late payments Jelly Belly has to face hefty penalties. Jelly Belly is working extensively with Lawson Software on exception management, product classification and sales outlier handling. Jelly Belly is confident Lawson Software’s components will help it to provide an even higher level of customer service.

Industry-specific functionality: Sales and Marketing Automation

Distribution companies and food and beverage manufacturers face an increasing challenge of effectively developing and executing marketing initiatives. Lawson Software’s Sales and Marketing Automation helps distributors and food and beverage manufacturers to become more strategic about sales and marketing through greater visibility into the overall process.

Through features such as territory management, sales cycle planning and dashboards, Sales and Marketing Automation can help customers:

Track marketing activities, pipeline, qualified leads, budget versus actual spend, as well as monitoring activity by campaign, sales associate, customer or territoryManage marketing promotions to determine the ideal product promotion strategy with retailers and monitor how particular product promotions are going.

Access new functionality that displays data tailored to the specific user and allows the user to choose from a library of predefined reports and graphs

Lawson Software’s Sales and Marketing Automation was designed with the needs of sales people in mind, with an intuitive user interface to make it simpler to access and use the right information and accurately enter order information while in the field. Lawson Software’s also provides online/offline capability, so order information entered in the field is automatically synchronised when a sales associate is back online.

The Lawson M3 7.1 applications will be phased in globally in the beginning of May.

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