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Lawson Software appoint Peter Quinn as chief customer officer

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article image Peter Quinn named as chief customer officer of Lawson Software

Lawson Software  have announced that Peter Quinn has been named as the chief customer officer. Quinn will lead Lawson Software’s new customer experience office, created to support Lawson Software’s initiatives to enhance customer loyalty. The new customer experience office is responsible for building on Lawson Software’s culture that is focused on measuring, managing and improving their customer experience. According to Lawson Software, the customer experience office will monitor their customers’ needs and develop internal programmes and best practices.

Quinn joined Lawson Software in 2006 and has served as a vice president of marketing operations since 2007. He has more than 20 years of experience in business software and business management. In his new role as a chief customer officer, he will lead a team that will be the customers’ advocate at Lawson Software, keeping customer concerns at the forefront of all levels and all departments.

Lawson Software’s customer experience office is currently surveying customers to identify areas of concern and then following up to address those issues systemically and individually. The customer experience office will work across departments including sales, services, support and training to develop a consistent Lawson Software operating process and give their customers a superior experience.

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