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Lawson Software Launches Newest M3 Enterprise Management System, Lawson M3 10.1

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Lawson Software  has recently introduced its newest release of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System, Lawson M3 10.1. This system features more than 100 overall enhancements, including more than 600 detailed functional changes. The M3 10.1 version also includes new industry-specific features and enhancements focusing on specific business processes for companies served by the Lawson Food & Beverage, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Equipment Service Management & Rental business units.

At the same time as the Lawson M3 10.1, Lawson for Fashion, a comprehensive, industry-specific enterprise software solution for fashion companies, was also introduced. This sytem aims to connect business processes from product concept to customer. Lawson is introducing the latest M3 solution in 39 countries globally, including five new countries now supported by the M3 solution; Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina and South Africa.  

Enhancements to the latest version of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System include new Lawson Smart Office functionality, designed to help users create a more effective and efficient user environment on their desktop. The new release also includes Lawson Enterprise Search, which brings Internet-like search functions to a user’s Lawson and non-Lawson data, helping to simplify searches for structured and unstructured data across multiple systems.

Lawson M3 10.1 also includes enhanced package management functionality as well as a strengthened Lawson M3 Demand Planner, which helps companies avoid excess production or stock-outs. It also includes new bulk order management to help companies efficiently plan their supply chain resources, which ultimately helps support lean supply chain concepts. Comprehensive catch weight handling functionality will also help improve supply chain efficiency specifically for food and beverage companies.

“Lawson M3 10.1 really establishes the idea of ‘Lawson for you.’ It’s built around the specific industry business challenges that our customers face every day,” said Henrik Billgren, vice president of M3 Industries and Application Product Management for Lawson. “Talking to our customers ‘Lawson for YOU’ is about YOUR industry, YOUR company, YOUR users – it really focuses on the very specific needs of our customers’ industries. We’re focused on further simplifying the Lawson M3 system to help drive down the total cost of ownership for our customers by bringing new technology, simpler operation and user interaction - and an easier path for upgrades. By doing this, we help our customers realise benefits of their software investments faster, while helping them become stronger organisations.”

Lawson M3 10.1 is designed to improve scalability, while offering high availability and improved system management on Windows with support for the Windows 2008 64 Bit/SQL 2008 platform. In addition, the new Lawson Customer Correction Self Service (CCSS) is a fix correction service that helps reduce the complexity, time and skills required to manage the M3 solution over time.

“By focusing on the needs of our customers in the specific industries we serve, we’re able to deliver products that help address business efficiency, user experience and total cost of ownership, specifically focused on our customers’ business needs,” said Billgren. “And by moving our customers to the latest Lawson technology, we’re offering a simpler path to upgrades and future product enhancements – helping to make the ownership experience simpler in the long-term.”

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