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Lawson Announces Second Cloud Offering - Lawson Internal Cloud Services designed for on-premise software deployments

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Lawson Software has announced part two of its Lawson Cloud Services offering for enterprise software. Lawson Internal Cloud Services, which becomes available in May, brings the benefits of virtualisation and cloud computing to customers who want to have an on-premise deployment of their Lawson solutions. Grid Technology is a major component of Cloud Services, which entails helping customers distribute computing tasks for selected Lawson products across a group of computers. The Lawson Grid Technology will help improve flexibility and create the opportunity for lower-cost, high-availability infrastructure.  

Another innovative feature of Lawson Cloud Services is the Lawson Cloud Console, incorporating the first two of a complete series of “virtual appliances.” These virtual appliances include Lawson Smart Office and Lawson Enterprise Search, two of Lawson’s latest products. These virtual appliances are ready-to-deploy software bundles that include the database, operating system and software application – essentially virtual servers containing everything to begin using the software, and come “pre-assembled” , meaning that the user does not have to manually install any software. The Lawson Cloud Console provides a new ability to click  on a Virtual Appliance and deploy it by simply dragging and dropping it to a test, development, training, or production area. This essentially automates  complex, manual IT tasks that formerly took weeks or months to complete.

By taking advantage of Lawson Internal Cloud Services, organisations can begin to consolidate their IT infrastructure, centralise administration of enterprise applications, reduce costs and reallocate IT staff to more strategic activities, by being offered, and utilising the services provided by Lawson Cloud Console. One of these services is a management tool provided by Lawson. This management tool simplifies how Lawson applications are configured and installed, and help deliver and enforce best practices. These new offerings help make delivery of new products or new software versions more repeatable, supportable and automated. This assists in reducing the chances for human error and speeds time-to-benefit for Lawson customers.

Lawson featured the Lawson Cloud Console and Virtual Appliances on the CUE mainstage during presentations from Lawson President and CEO Harry Debes and Lawson Executive Vice President Dean Hager earlier this week. Lawson will also have teams of people deployed during CUE to provide product demonstrations and answer customer questions.


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