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Intentia Australia closes CRM medical deal

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Intentia Australia has closed a CRM software deal with Unomedical, a global provider of medical solutions for the hospital and healthcare sector, to implement Intentia’s sales and marketing solution across Unomedical’s Australian operations.

Specialising in the manufacture and distribution of single-use medical and surgical products, Unomedical has embarked on the CRM project in a bid to modernise and improve its sales and customer relationship management processes.

Unomedical previously relied on a number of databases and on the personal knowledge and systems of staff to manage sales and customer activities. Over time, this has proved inefficient and costly in terms of business development and resource waste.

With ongoing growth across its Australian operations, Unomedical took steps to standardise processes and centralise its systems. The company’s aim was to reduce risk to the business by enabling more organised tracking and management of its sales and customer activity, while also maximising retention of intellectual property.

With the new system in place, Unomedical expects to achieve significant time savings and increased productivity across these business areas. It anticipates improved protection of company data, increased sales performance, and more accurate tracking of opportunities and measurement processes through a single view of customers, as well as improved access to information for mobile representatives.

The solution will be rolled out as one project phase and is estimated to be completed by February 2006 when all training will also be completed.

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