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Turbine controllers and automatic battery chargers from Latronic Sunpower

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Latronic Sunpower  designs and manufactures power inverters like five stage intelligent chargers, standalone sinewave inverters and industrial rack mount sinewave inverters. Other inverters from Latronic Sunpower include automatic AC transfer switch, grid interactive inverters and wind and water turbine controllers.

Latronic Sunpower manufactures a wide range of turbine controllers which allow battery-less grid connection of wind and water turbines. The electronic braking system increases the braking operation till the turbine stops completely.

This feature prevents damage to PV edge and turbine during harsh conditions. Latronic Sunpower’s turbine controllers feature powder coated aluminium casing which offers protection against extreme environments.

Latronic Sunpower manufactures fully automatic battery chargers ideal for a wide range of home and commercial applications. The inverters from Latronic Sunpower are designed to withstand vibration and constant movement in mobile or marine installations. Battery chargers from Latronic Sunpower enable easy charging of flooded cell, sealed lead acid, gel, AGM and lead calcium batteries. The 5 stage charger is designed to allow maximum charge into batteries while consuming minimum time for charge.

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