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Range of power inverters from Latronic Sunpower

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Latronic Sunpower  specialises in designing and manufacturing power inverters that convert DC battery power to AC mains power. Latronic Sunpower manufactures automatic AC transfer switches, grid interactive inverters, wind and water turbine controllers etc. Some of the inverters designed and manufactured by Latronic Sunpower include five stage intelligent chargers, standalone sinewave inverters and industrial rack mount sinewave inverters.

Manufactured with the Latronics trademark, the power inverters from Latronic Sunpower are supplied for use in domestic and industrial applications. Latronic Sunpower is also engaged in manufacturing customised units for mines, railways, telecommunications and other power utility industries.

Latronic Sunpower offers automatic AC transfer switches. There are two models available which include 25 ampere transfer switch with 3 AC inputs and 40 ampere transfer switch with 2 AC inputs. Both these models are sealed and are available in a weather proof enclosure. The inputs and outputs are connected with quality screw terminals to ensure a safe and secure connection. AC transfer switches are featured with double pole contactor switches which eliminate earth or grounding problems.

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