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Flooring solutions and polishing products from Latham Australia

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Latham Australia  provides flooring solution through Latham Ultralux 2000 Crema Luciadante and Latham Ultrapol 2000. These floor polishing powders and creams are designed for protection of various floors such as marble, granite, terrazzo and onyx. Latham Ultrapol 2000 can be applied by hand or by machine.

Latham Australia offers an extensive range of Gold-Chem floor cleaners. The cleaners are designed for deep cleaning and maintaining of marble, terrazzo, slate and stone surfaces. Gold-Chem is a penetrating agent that clears the dirt from porous surfaces without any harm to the polished surface. Apart from the vast cleaning properties, the floor cleaners from Latham Australia are non-detergent, non-toxic, non-flammable, easy to apply and are safe.

Latham Australia also offers landscape trench grids, grates and frames, marble crystallisation, machinery and engineering equipment, dirt control entry mats, tile strips and stone and tile care products.

Latham Australia specialises also provides parking stops that are suitable for all parking areas including commercial and office parking. Latham Australia also provides traffic management systems such as Latham heavy duty modular speed humps and Latham light duty plastic speed humps for safety purposes.

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