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Tunable laser wavelength lockers

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article image OEM wavelength locker modules.

THE new generation of etalon-based, OEM wavelength locker modules from Spectra-Physics, and available from Lastek , enable a very high level of frequency and power stabilisation of tunable telecom sources.

Specifically, these products allow the frequency of DFB and DBR lasers to be held to within 1.5GHz, and are designed to operate in the most demanding telecommunications systems, with 25GHz channel spacings.

Because wavelength locker temperature sensitivity is less than 3pm/°C, laser performance can then be consistently maintained over a wide range of operating conditions.

These modules are intended for integration within telecom laser packages, and can be configured for either rear facet monitoring of a DFB laser, or front facet monitoring of a DBR laser.

Front facet designs offer minimal insertion loss for enhanced system efficiency, and in some designs, produce zero beam displacement, facilitating production alignment.

In all cases, the physical size of the wavelength locker is kept to a minimum to allow the integrator maximum flexibility and packaging ease.

Because Spectra-Physics wavelength lockers are entirely epoxy free, problems related to adhesive outgassing are completely avoided.

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