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Stainless steel linear translation stage lines

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NEW Focus, represented by Lastek , has announced the addition of two new linear translation stage lines.

The Models 9067 (one-inch travel) and 9066 (half-inch travel) SSXR stages use stainless-steel construction and crossed-roller bearings to provide smoother motion, higher precision, and better long-term stability than their aluminum counterparts.

The superior rigidity and stability of steel and the larger contact area of crossed-roller bearings ensure superior accuracy and stability, making these stages ideal for critical optical alignment applications such as fibre alignment and high-stability positioning in laser systems.

The lockable XYZ, XY and X stages offer less than 25 micro-rad angular deviation in any axis and straight-line accuracy better than 3 microns.

Their low profiles, small footprints, and generous patterns of both 8-32 (M4) and 1/4-20 (M6) threaded holes make them easy to use.

The stages are compatible with a variety of manual and motorised adjusters, enabling the user to configure specifically for their needs.

The SSXR translation stages are the latest additions to the New Focus photonics tool chest.

Photonics products manipulate light -- the flow of photons, just like electronic products manipulate electricity -- the flow of electrons.

Photonics represent a key enabling technology in a variety of industries, including semiconductor IC processing, biotechnology, oil well recovery, industrial sensing and telecommunications.

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