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Shortest wavelength fluorine laser

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TUILASER'S Excistar M fluorine laser, available from Lastek , offers the shortest commercially available laser wavelength. Its maximum energy acts as a bright Fluorine-Star with repetition rates up to 100Hz and average power of >1.4W.

Flexible design features make ExciStar M highly reliable with low operating costs. The implemented laser tube design virtually reduces contamination while increasing the tube lifetime and decreasing operating costs.

The improved model features enhanced window lifetime providing hands-free operation for 30 million pulses. This is achieved thanks to a further development of TuiLaser's CeraTube, eliminating the need for costly window service.

This means a revolution in the fluorine excimer laser technology. The improvements of the tube design enhance the window lifetime by more than a factor of 10 compared to other standard excimer lasers.

Only F2-lasers - emitting at the very short 157nm wavelength - will enable the smallest achievable structure sizes, which are the key tools in creating micro-structures and ablation of interactive materials.

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