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TUILASER, represented by Lastek , has developed an improved version of the high power ExciStar S-Industrial laser. The ExciStar S-Industrial is a heavy-duty model based on TuiLaser's family of ExciStar S mini excimer lasers.

The new highly efficient model facilitates SEMI certification because of the following new features:

* Solid state switch according to CE.

* Enables the certification of final customer product for system integrator according to SEMI/FDA/UL-CSA/CE.

* Third party certification for all power supplies and safety relevant components according to IEC 61010.

* SEMI compliant housing interlock switch.

* SEMI level documentation.

* Seismic mounts prerequisite for use in semi environment.

* High safety level because of fewer but higher integrated modules separated from each other.

* New gas management system.

Different versions are available that vary in repetition rate (200, 500 or 1000Hz) and wavelength (157, 193, 248, 308 or 351nm).

The advanced model, the ExciStar S Industrial, is designed for heavy duty cycle industrial applications such as optics testing, mask writing, wafer inspection,and micro lithography, etc.

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