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Process control and endpoint detection

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THE DigiScope from Jobin Yvon is a real-time portable spectrograph. It can be equipped with a variety of sensors, including an optical fibre for optical emission spectroscopy and an interferometric sensor such as JY's patented laser interferometric camera.

Available from Lastek , its Windows-based software contains state-of-the-art algorithms for calling endpoint in real time, and full capability for batch analysis and off-line reprocessing.

The DigiCPM is identical to the DigiScope, except that it does not include the screen and monitor. It is intended to be interfaced directly with manufacturers' etch and deposition tools.

The DigiScope is a Windows-based portable instrument with optional multi-chamber capability that has been designed to provide a powerful Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) system for industrial and research applications.

An OEM version, the DigiCPM, has also been developed with particular attention to space minimisation.

The DigiScope and DigiCPM have state-of-the-art optics for superior imaging and spatial resolution. The wide spectral range (190 to 850nm), high resolution (down to 1nm), and high sensitivity (2048 pixel CCD), provide in-situ monitoring solution for today's shrinking geometries and complex multi-step processes.

In addition to this high tech hardware, the DigiScope includes many functions for data acquisition, display, and processing along with advanced endpoint capabilities such as digital filtering, 3D spectral viewing, mathematical operations, communication protocols, and advanced endpoint algorithms.

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