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Open-frame air-bearing stage

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AEROTECH's ABL3600 Series open-frame air-bearing stage, available from Lastek , is suitable for dynamic wafer or reticle inspection. The use of dual linear motors and encoders on each axis provides a system with dynamic straightness and yaw specifications.

Accuracy is ±0.5 micron and repeatability is ±0.1 micron. The granite reference plane provides excellent planar flatness of ±0.5 micron, which is critical to maintaining focal depth.

The ABL3600 has a long 320mm of ultra-smooth travel using Aerotech's high-performance linear motors. A 100mm by 150mm clear aperture provides an open area for backside illumination or inspection.

The Aerotech linear motors use an ironless forcer, which eliminates cogging and attractive forces, resulting in smoothness of motion.

Aerotech's CMS (cable management system) is optimised for extended trouble-free operation.

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