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Next generation lasers set new standard

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article image Prolite series -- 10,000 hours rated lifetime.

SPECTRA-Physics has implemented several innovations in the thermo-mechanical design of its Millennia series to deliver a new industry standard in beam pointing for CW green (532nm) lasers.

Available from Lastek , the beam pointing stability of the laser has been improved to better than 2 microradians/°C.

This is more than a factor of two improvement in the beam pointing stability over the previous industry standard, also set by the Millennia.

Beam pointing stability is critical for OEM applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, and is important in demanding research applications, such as pumping ultrafast Ti:sapphire lasers, where the beam must be focused to a small spot size at a precise location for optimum system performance.

Millennia lasers are currently offered with output powers ranging from 2 to 10 watts. The new 10-watt, Millennia Xs model is pumped by Spectra-Physics ProLite series diodes, as is the single diode pumped 5 watt Millennia.

ProLite series pump diodes set the industry standard in device lifetime - typically more than 10,000 hours at the rated power.

All Millennia lasers now utilise an all-solid-state, rack-mountable power supply that features thermoelectric cooling technology with a small overall footprint and high wall-plug efficiency.

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