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New generation of laser range meters

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THE Hilti Corporation and Jenoptik AG have founded a development and production partnership for laser range meters. At a joint media conference held in Jena, the two companies presented their first, jointly developed products.

Laser range meters, available from Lastek , facilitate the measuring of distances, especially in the construction industry and by trade contractors, while permitting users to work more quickly and efficiently.

Distances can be measured with a laser beam accurate to the millimetre rapidly and simply.

Within a short time, a new generation of laser range meters - the Hilti PD 22 and Hilti PD 28 - have resulted from the partnership between Hilti and Jenoptik.

Both these tools enable users to measure more quickly, permit measuring over very short distances, consume even less power and are clearly lighter than comparable competitors' products.

The Jenoptik subsidiary, Jenoptik Laser, manufactures the basic model of laser range meters marketed by Hilti world wide.

Previously, the two companies had jointly developed this basic model. It consists of a beam emitting and receiving optical system as well as the control electronics required for the laser diode light.

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