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Industrial lasers are optimised for micromachining

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article image Spectra-Physics’ solid state lasers.

THE new HIPPO (high intensity peak power oscillator) from Spectra-Physics is the first, industrial, diode-pumped solid state laser specifically optimised for micromachining of metals, semiconductors and polymer materials.

Available from Lastek , HIPPO lasers deliver a unique combination of short pulse length (<15nsec at 40kHz), high output power (>17W at 1064nm) and exceptional beam quality (M2<1.2), making them particularly useful for marking and microstructuring in microelectronics, automotive, aerospace, MEMs, biomedical, photonics and telecommunications applications.

These characteristics are a direct result of the short length laser cavity, arranged in Spectra-Physics' exclusive Periodic Resonator configuration.

HIPPO lasers are available with output at 1064nm, frequency doubled to 532nm (>11W) and frequency tripled to 355nm (>4.5W).

Frequency multiplication is achieved through the use of pre-aligned harmonic modules, which mate to the laser using locating pins, and which can be easily replaced or removed in the field.

All HIPPO lasers are specifically designed to deliver the long term reliability necessary for production applications, and to meet the needs of systems integrators.

Both the laser, doubling and tripling modules are compact, rugged, hermetically sealed units that never require optics cleaning or realignment.

Also, the pump diodes are derated for extended lifetime; these ProLite pump diode lasers are mounted in the power supply and fibre connected to the laser head, enabling pump diode replacement to be performed without realignment.

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