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Highest power industrial laser

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article image The Hippo solid state industrial laser.

SPECTRA-Physics has introduced a new solid-state, industrial laser, available from Lastek , that offers the highest available power at 266nm.

Specifically, this new Hippo (high intensity peak power oscillator) laser delivers greater than 2W of Q-switched output at 266nm, with a repetition rate of 40kHz.

The Hippo's combination of short pulsewidth (<11nsec) and high peak power enables micro-machining with little or no heat effected zone.

This cold processing and deep UV output wavelength makes the Hippo 266 an ideal tool for working a wide range of polymer materials, as well as silicon.

Target applications include marking and microstructuring in microelectronics, automotive, aerospace, MEMs, biomedical, photonics and telecommunications applications.

The laser has been designed from the ground up to deliver the stability and long-term reliability necessary for high-throughput production applications.

Frequency quadrupling, used to transform the laser's fundamental output into the deep UV, is performed with a pre-aligned harmonic module, which mates to the laser using locating pins, and which can be easily replaced or removed in the field for service.

Both the laser and quadrupling modules are compact, rugged, hermetically sealed units that never require optics cleaning or realignment.

Also, the pump diodes are derated for extended lifetime; these ProLite pump diode lasers are mounted in the power supply and fibre connected to the laser head, enabling pump diode replacement to be performed without realignment.

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