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High speed micromachining laser support

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SPECTRA-Physics, represented by Lastek , has announced the release of the V-XTREME laser, which delivers pulse repetition rates in the range 200 to 400kHz.

This high repetition rate is an order of magnitude greater than the typical maximum offered by other industrial solid state lasers.

Even at these high speeds, the output of this new laser is characterised by extremely low noise with pulse power variations less than 4% peak-to-peak.

The laser is targeted at applications involving micromachining and surface structuring of metals, semiconductors and plastics.

With an average power greater than 8W at 1064nm, the V-XTREME laser will enable a significant increase in throughput for high speed applications based on galvanometer scanning or rapid XY table motion.

Specifically, traditional laser designs have often been rate-limiting components in micromachining workstations, where the maximum scan speed is deliberately limited in order to avoid creating "dotted line" cuts due to the slow laser pulse rate (tens of kHz).

With the V-XTREME laser, systems integrators and end users will now be able to exploit the high speed inherent in these galvanometer and XY table scanning systems.

The V-XTREME is a Q-switched laser and produces typical pulse duration of around 120ns at a 400kHz pulse repetition rate.

Based on Spectra-Physics V laser product line, the V-XTREME utilises a single pump diode in order to maximise field reliability and uses Spectra-Physics J-WIN windows-based graphical user interface (GUI).

The laser head is also remarkably compact for an 8-watt laser, measuring only 18cm x 12cm x 5cm.

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