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High-speed PCI-bus A/D converter

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article image Fits in a standard PCI slot.

NEW from Ocean Optics is the high-speed ADC2000 PCI-bus A/D converter, now available from Lastek . The ADC2000 presents yet another plug-and-play, analog-to-digital desktop PC interface option to users of the Ocean Optics miniature fibre optic spectrometers.

The ADC2000 PCI-bus is Ocean Optics' fastest A/D converter. The 12-bit, 8-channel ADC2000 PCI-bus provides a 2MHz sampling frequency and captures 2048 data points in the spectra in only two milliseconds.

The ADC2000 PCI-bus fits into a desktop PC's standard PCI-bus slot and couples to any Ocean Optics S2000 Spectrometer via a 25-pin interface cable.

An interesting ADC2000 feature is a channel rotator that permits simultaneous acquisition of pixels from up to eight channels.

For example, acquisition from the Ocean Optics S2000 Spectrometer can be configured so that Pixel #0 is acquired from the master channel while Pixels #1-7 can be acquired from subsequent slave channels.

The sequence would repeat and continue with Pixel #8 being acquired from the master channel.

The benefit of the channel rotator is that spectra from all eight channels can be gathered at precisely the same time, making the ADC2000 PCI-bus suitable for applications involving pulsed light sources and transient spectral events.

In addition, the data acquired when using the multi-channel scanning capability of the ADC2000 PCI-bus can be separated into individual spectra by a variety of Ocean Optics' software products.

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