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High power density cooling technologies

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MELCOR Corporation has introduced a new high power density cooling series, available from Lastek , that includes new thermoelectric coolers and expanded packaging and testing capabilities.

The high power density line of thermoelectrics includes a new class of thermoelectrics built to perform cooling previously only possible with much larger or multiple thermoelectrics.

The new cooler line now includes thermoelectrics constructed with strong porch-style lead attachment, high heat-pumping capacity, and as always the same solid-state reliability that all Melcor modules are manufactured.

Available in both standard and high temperature (ThermaTEC) construction, the high power density series offers heat pumping densities up to 11.5W/cm2 of cooling, which is double the heat pumping of standard thermoelectrics.

The new series is suitable for cooling high-powered integrated circuits, lasers, industrial equipment and fast-cool applications. Melcor offers extensive customisation and value-added capabilities.

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