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High gain, low noise Raman amplifiers

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IPG Photonics, represented by Lastek , has announced the introduction of its discrete Raman amplifiers providing high gain and low noise amplification across the entire standard optical fibre low loss region from 1260nm to 1700nm.

RAR Series amplifiers can be used in next generation long haul and product development applications and offer many advantages over EDFAs and direct-diode pumped Raman amplifiers.

The new RAR Series is IPG's multiple-wavelength pumped Raman amplifier providing 50nm to 100nm of optical bandwidth for dense wavelength division multiplex (DWDM) amplification. Single-wavelength pumping options for narrower bandwidth requirements are available.

The RAR discrete Raman amplifiers employ a length of optical fibre internal to the pump unit, providing stand-alone optical amplification for wavelengths not covered by traditional erbium-doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs). RAR amplifiers do not require external transmission fibre for a gain medium as is the case with distributed Raman amplification.

These new amplifiers use telecom-grade Ytterbium or Neodymium doped fibre lasers as the pump source for the Raman gain thus providing many advantages over direct diode-pumped Raman amplifiers.

The multiple-wavelength fibre lasers have polarisation-scrambled output, which greatly reduces polarisation selective gain. The RAR pump units use proven technology offering unmatched output power scalability and versatile wavelength choices.

The resulting optimised amplifier design features high gain, and large bandwidth with low noise, low pump to signal noise transfer and polarisation insensitive gain with the additional benefits of efficient suppression of pump wavelengths at both the signal input and output connections.

IPG can tailor the RAR series amplifier for particular customer needs. Optional gain flattening/shaping for amplifiers in the 1400-1600nm range and dispersion management are also available.

The RAR amplifiers come in a rack mountable case with a colour LCD front panel display, RS323, and GPIB interfaces. OEM optical modules are also available.

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