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Fibre grating technology starter kit

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BRAGG Photonics, represented by Lastek , has launched a new starter kit product family to extend fibre grating technology into the sensor industries.

Fibre gratings have been known to revolutionise optical communication, multiplexing and demultiplexing many channels in the same fibre strand.

In the past few years, fibre gratings have been deployed in volume in such applications as pumps stabilizer/lockers, DWDM filters, gain flat filters for amplifiers and dispersion compensators for high speed optical network.

"Few people know that fibre gratings in the form of an array can be used for the distributed sensing of critical civil structures, like bridges, tunnels and dams," Dr Peter Chan, manager for sensor solutions at BRAGG Photonics, said.

"The cost of fibre grating sensors is rapidly approaching that of strain gauges, if one looks at cost of ownership and use."

The starter kit is an introductory level system, targeted at research institutes, universities, technical college interested in training, finding out more about the technology, and doing rapid prototype for some novel sensor applications, such as Bio-sensor, aero-engineering, and medical applications.

Each starter kit contains everything needed to start writing, complete with photosensitive fibres and phase masks. Other options are available for more complex devices.

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