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Excimer laser for interferometric FBG writing

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article image Braggstar Industrial-LN light source.

TO meet the demands of the FBG (fibre bragg gratings) writing industry, BraggStar has designed a new UV light source with a temporal coherence length of ~5mm - the new BraggStar Industrial-LN.

Now it is possible to utilise cost efficient excimer laser technology for the interferometric FBG writing process.

The BraggStar Industrial-LN, available from Lastek , can replace expensive UV light sources such as frequency doubled argon ion lasers driving interferometric FBG writing set-ups in production and R&D.

The BraggStar Industrial-LN features the following benefits:

· High-end technology: corona pre-ionization, solid-state-switch, metal/ceramic.

· FutureTube Technology.

· Long temporal and spatial coherence length.

· Billion pulses hands free operation.

· Excellent spatial and temporal beam stability.

· Writes sharp gratings with easy reproducibility.

· Increases chirp and spectrum control and throughput.

The BraggStar Industrial-LN is a very competitive UV light source offering more flexibility and cost efficiency in FBG writing.

The extended temporal coherence length and superior beam quality allow using the same set-up for different FBG writing processes saving preproduction and investment costs at the same time.

In comparison to other light sources for the interferometric FBG process TuiLaser's BraggStar Industrial-LN means only half investment cost. Besides negligible power requirements (40kW for argon ion lasers vs 1kW for BraggStar Industrial-LN) only air-cooling is required.

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