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THE Thorlabs ASE-FL003 white light test source, available from Lastek , is the high power version of the ASE-FL7002. The ASE-FL003 has more than +15dBm output power. The ASE FL7003 is a broadband white light test source for the C&L regions (1530nm to 1610nm).

It has been designed to satisfy the demand for higher power, longer wavelength test equipment for the growing L-band market while also supporting the existing market for C-band test instruments. The FL7003 is the lowest noise, high power C&L band test source available today.

This device takes advantage of an erbium doped fluoride fibre that is pumped with a single 1480nm laser diode to produce 30mW (15dBm) of broadband white light.

This rare-earth fibre design allows for a higher degree of power and wavelength stability than conventional silica fibres with multiple pumping lasers. The output fibre is a standard SMF28 silica fibre.

The 7003 series ASE test sources are designed to perform well beyond the industry standard. Key features of all the ASE models include low noise, broadband output with a single pump laser, and exceptional stability.

These units exhibit excellent wavelength and power stability. The power stability specification of +0.005dB (15 min.) is the best in the industry.

Average peak to peak noise values are typically in the 0.002dBm range for the 15 minute test and in the 0.01dBm range for the 45 hour test. Both the short term and long term stability data indicate that Thorlabs clearly outperform the competition.

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