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Billion pulse hands-free excimer laser

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TUILASER, a manufacturer of compact excimer lasers, has introduced a new hands-free excimer laser, the ExciStar S Industrial, now available from Lastek .

The ExciStar S Industrial is designed to meet the requirements of heavy duty cycle and high repetition rate industrial production and processing.

The new, highly efficient model is guaranteeing a one billion pulses hands-free operation due to a technique that enhances the window life time dramatically to one billion pulses.

The compact (860mm x 280mm x 660mm) unit is based on TuiLaser's successful ExciStar S laser family and is available in different models that vary in repetition rate (200Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz) and wavelength (157nm, 193nm, 248nm, 308nm and 351nm).

It is equipped with TuiLaser's most sophisticated laser tube, the FutureTube, and delivers pulse energies up to 18mJ.

A major breakthrough in excimer laser technology was achieved by TuiLaser's R&D with a new feature enhancing the value of the optics life time to the value of the tube life time.

A specially designed cleaning system integrated within the FutureTube laser tube saves the laser optics from contamination and eliminates the time and cost consuming window cleaning and window exchanging actions.

These frequent service actions have been limiting the industrial applications of excimer lasers up to now.

This key feature gives a real one billion pulses hands-free operation of the ExciStar S Industrial resulting in a service interval of more than one year in most industrial applications.

These new innovation is based on TuiLaser's standard high-end excimer laser technologies corona pre-ionisation, solid-state switching and metal/ceramic technology tube design.

Corona pre-ionisation improves in comparison to common spark pin pre-ionisation pulse-to-pulse fluctuations (<2%rms) and beam homogeneity (no hot spots).

A solid-state-switch is replacing the common thyratron, a heat dissipating and short lived tube device. The laser vessel is made of aircraft aluminium with high purity ceramics (metal/ceramic technology).

The combination of these features yields extreme overall system life times, minimising cost of ownership.

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