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Angular displacement measurement instrument

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article image Melles Griot’s Alignmeter.

MELLES Griot announces the AlignMeter a new instrument, available from Lastek , that simultaneously measures laser beam position and angular displacement for beams up to 8mm in diameter.

Previously, angular displacement had to be calculated from time-consuming distance and position measurements.

Now, with the AlignMeter, absolute angle and position can be measured with an accuracy of 1mrad and 1μm, respectively, without having to know the distance of the source from the sensor. Results are updated at 10Hz.

In addition to position and angle, the AlignMeter measures absolute output power from 10μW to 10mW at wavelengths ranging from 350nm to 1.06μm.

The AlignMeter is a card-based system and requires a host PC. Models are available with either a standard PCI card or, for laptop users, a PCMCIA card.

Applications include alignment of gimbals, robotic arms, fibres, lasers, wafers, and optical components.

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