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All-inclusive optical products brochure

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PIEZOSYSTEM Jena, a supplier of optical switches from single mode to multimode, represented in Australia by Lastek , has released its new all-inclusive optical products brochure.

Based on piezoelectric actuators, which have a typical movement range in the hundreds of microns, these systems are well suited to switch the input signal to as many as 16 different output channels.

Piezoelectrically driven switches offer several inherent advantages compared to other electromechanically driven systems.

The main advantages are the high switching speeds (sub-millisecond region), high stability and excellent optical parameters.

Also, none of the multimode optical switches have any additional wavelength dependent loss. This point is of great interest for those with spectroscopic and sensing applications.

The new brochure contains detailed product information, as well as an overview on technical instruction for typical fibres, connectors and the switching principal.

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