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Complete Engineering Services from LaserBond- Production and Fitting Services

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Peachey's Engineering, incorporated by LaserBond , has expanded it's usual repertoire of manufacturing and breakdown services to fabrication and fitting services in light of the capabilities afforded by the now complete fabrication and fitting facilities.


The facilities hold 8 CNC machines installed to offer production of items in large quantities whilst maintaining accuracy and a high level of quality.

Jobbing and Breakdown Situations

Peachey's Engineering holds an extensive array of conventional machinery with the expertise to operate them to manufacture replacement or repair components during breakdown situations.

Fitting Services

To complete the engineering service, Peachey's Engineering also offers equipment overhauls where both welding and machining facilities are able to quickly facilitate overhauls of equipment like pumps, gearboxes, turbines, compressors and more.


Fitting services also include the assembly of manufactured components to deliver complete units to site to reduce installation times. This is also a good opportunity to trial fit components to ensure designs are correctly in order to reduce lost time on site due to rework.

Peachey Engineering's expansion into fitting services broadens their scope of engineering services, offering a more complete package to customers.

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