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Laser and Survey Solutions offers levels, theodolites and GPS products

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Laser and Survey Solutions  (LSS) is engaged in hiring total measurement instruments such as total stations, GPS products, levels and theodolites and laser levels for construction and survey purposes. LSS also specialises in supplying a range of total measurement equipment from Sokkia which include lasers, theotolites, software, levels, GPS receivers, total stations and industrial precision management.

LSS provides a diverse range of instruments for hire which include contemporary Sokkia total stations with RED-tech reflectorless EDM and Allegro field computers with SurvCE Software and SDR33 data recorders.

The GPS products from LSS include Thales navigation Z-Max, Z-Xtreme dual frequency RTK and static systems with less than 0.02 metre positional accuracy. The other GPS products are CSIMax DGPS and Thales navigation mobile mapper. CSIMax DGPS is used with omnistar for less than 1 metre positional accuracy and Thales navigation mobile mapper is used for less than 10 metre positional accuracy.

LSS hires levels and theodolites which include Sokkia digital levels and automatic levels for survey. The automatic levels and theodolites from LSS are provided for construction purposes as well.

LSS undertakes hiring services for laser levels which include horizontal laser levels for interior and exterior construction. The other lasers from LSS are pipe lasers and single and dual grade laser levels for construction.

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