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Interior lasers offered by Laser and Survey Solutions

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Laser and Survey Solutions  (LSS) supplies a wide range of lasers which include interior lasers, exterior lasers, single grade lasers, dual grade lasers, pipe lasers, dot lasers and line lasers. LSS also supplies a range of total measurement equipment such as theotolites, software, levels, GPS receivers, total stations and industrial precision management.

LSS offers a wide range of interior lasers which include LT40, LT60, MP400 HV, EL400HV, Proshot L4.7+ and CST AL series. The CST LMPL-20 pipe laser has an illuminated LCD display which makes information easy to view and use. Easy grade input facilitates with quick setup changes.

The LED pivot point enables easy and quick plumb bob setups. There is a lock grade provision to prevent changes after setup. Multifunction menus are used for quick accessing unit setting, laser power level, calibration information and entry of owner information. Owner information and calibration are protected using password.

In addition to supplying a range of lasers, LSS specialises in hiring an extensive range of total measurement instruments. The measurement instruments from LSS include total stations, GPS products, levels and theodolites and laser levels for construction and survey purposes.

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