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The Alsident System dimensioning program

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Extraction equipment specialist Alsident System now introduces a new dimensioning program on its website to enable companies to select the appropriate suction arm and accessories for their application.

Alsident System specialises in the production, distribution and development of extraction equipment for process exhaust systems designed to create a better working environment and higher efficiency by protecting the operator from fumes, dust, hazardous vapours and polluted air.

Alsident System also customises extraction systems to meet the individual requirements of various applications. Alsident System suction arms are used for purification solutions at various workplaces including schools, universities, hospitals and laboratories as well as in the chemical and electronic industries. Certified conductive versions are available for sensitive areas.

The Alsident System dimensioning program available on the company’s website will display in 2D the appropriate solution according to the customer’s actual interior design and requirements to way of mounting, mounting height, desired working range and accessories, and then actually lay out the workplace with staff, chairs, tables and cupboards.

The configuration helps the customer verify the workability of the chosen solution with respect to actual requirements, ensuring that the right solution is chosen. The dimensioning program will also assure correct dimensioning of the exhaust arm and accessories.

Alsident System extraction equipment is available in Australia from Laser Resources .

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