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Starweld Performance manual laser welds available from Rofin

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Within five minutes, the user will have achieved first laser welds with the Performance. Select the proper parameter via joystick, bring the workpiece into position, focus, and let it get started.

After a short training period, the user will be able to produce the fine welding spots, with diameters of below 100 µm up to 2,5 mm, seam welds or deposit filler metal. All this is possible with the flexible beam control and the unique resonator concept of the Performance laser, which allows pulse frequencies of up to 20 Hz, pulse durations of up to 50 ms and pulse energies of up to 100 J.

Stay sharp – even after long hours

A majority of focused tasks such as laser precision welding require high levels of concentration. Rofin has tailored the Performance to maximise ergonomics and enhance user comfort, with a relaxed seating position, an arm position at the correct height, a spacious work area and clearly legible displays. Apart from changing the particle filter, water filter, lamp and the protection gas cylinder there is no maintenance. Wheels make the laser mobile, it is air-cooled and requires only 230 V power.

Leading technology under the hood

Joining fine wires and metal sheets or highly reflecting materials can only be done with constant welding energy. That is why; Rofin provides unrivalled pulse-to-pulse stability. The sweet spot resonator (patent pending) eliminates the problem of higher energy initial pulses, which is typical of lasers. And for more demanding tasks such as welding of very different materials, the pulse forming menu allows precise control of the pulse energy.

Fit for further tasks

There is a wide range of options for the Performance: motor controlled axes, camera links, and even higher laser performance, Rofin offers the proper laser for the application. The Performance has already convinced more than 3,000 users worldwide in the jewellery, dental and electronics manufacturing industries, as well as the medical device and tool and mold making industries.

Test it:

Over 3,000 sold worldwide
All-in-one cabinet
Air cooled
Beam quality in the market
High pulse energy for advanced applications (>100 J)
Average power: up to 50 Watt
Variable spot size (0.2 - 2.0 mm)
Unique sweet spot resonator
Unique fine welding features (<< 0.1 mm)
Longest pulse durations in market (50 ms - for smooth welding and soldering)
2 argon nozzles for optimum gas shielding

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