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StarWeld Dynamic laser welding technology from Rofin

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The StarWeld Dynamic is the combination of a pulsed 40 W laser with sweet spot resonator and dynamic beam welding technology in a compact, ergonomic class I housing. The StarWeld Dynamic is the system of choice for welding of small and mid-sized workpieces in small batch production, e. g. in electronics, electromechanics, sensor, telecommunication or medical device industries.

Rapid Movement

The basis of the dynamic beam technology is a galvo head that drives the laser beam with utmost precision and almost without inertia across the processing surface. In comparison to other methods, in which the workpiece is moved, one can achieve significantly higher positioning speeds with better precision during welding. Long focal depths allow extensive processing areas and guarantee consistent welding quality on each spot. An essential component to achieve these results is the sweet spot resonator providing a consistently high beam quality with focussing characteristics. This technology has been proven for years in welding highly reflective materials such as copper, gold or silver.

Flexible Programming

The user can program any kind of contour as well as the necessary laser parameters: quickly and flexibly, due to the high-performance LaserCAD editor. As an option, the user can integrate an image processing system with the through-the-lens method. It automatically recognises the position of the workpiece and corrects the position of the dynamic beam coordinates in real-time.

Everything Integrated

The StarWeld Dynamic combines laser source, deflection unit, working chamber and control unit in a compact class I housing. The system is air-cooled and only requires 230 V power supply. Ready – steady – go for users’ application.

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