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Rofin’s fast focussing unit available from Laser Resources

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Laser Resources’  partner Rofin has introduced the fast focussing unit (FFU) into its powerline laser markers to enable quick adjustment of different focus heights without using a z axis.

A conventional beam expander is no longer integrated in this case. The expansion ratios are 1:2.8 and 1:5. This feature works for any single-head system equipped with Visual Laser Marker (VLM) and is available starting with the current software version (VLM 3.6).

The FFU is located between the laser and the galvo head. Neither the laser head nor the workpiece need to be moved for adjustment of the focal distance.

This feature offers a substantial time advantage. Control of the FFU is done through the layer function of the VLM software.

The travel time between the upper and the lower maximum positions is 15 minutes. The absolute range is up to 14mm with a flat field lens f = 160mm and up to 22mm with a flat field lens f = 254.

The marking field size is not affected. The use of the FFU in the semiconductor industry with respect to hardware and software is currently being evaluated currently but its use may improve cycle times for many different marking applications.

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