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Rofin laser systems for easy tear and micro perforation in packaging

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article image Laser scribing delivers easy opening functionality to multilayered materials in packaging

Laser Resources  partner Rofin offers laser systems that enable simple opening and easy ventilation functions in multilayered packaging materials.

Packaging plays a critical role in the consumer’s product experience but is often difficult to open and hard to control because of missing or mechanically created opening lines.

Laser scribing is a method used to apply easy opening functionality to multilayered materials in packaging. Scribing with CO2 laser systems delivers superior results over traditional tools that tend to scribe too deep, damaging all layers and impacting product integrity, or too shallow, requiring consumers to struggle with the opening process. Laser scribing on the other hand, is a contact- and wear-free process that guarantees consistent quality and high process reliability.

Laser scribing with Rofin laser systems offers a much more flexible solution, focusing on individual film layers of composite packaging material that allows for perfect easy opening functions while leaving layers intact that protect the product from light and humidity. Rofin lasers can even scribe freeform lines, such as following a contour on the print.

Easy ventilation functions created with Rofin laser technology are ideal for perforation on packaging, typically used to increase the shelf life of perishables such as salads and fresh produce, or control pressure exchange in microwave ovens. The laser perforation technology can also be employed for easy-tear-off applications with the lasers working contact-free, suffering minimal wear and tear, and offering excellent process integrity. The micromelted edge of each hole prevents microfissures that could damage the packaging integrity.

Rofin laser systems can apply the easy opening function without compromising the barrier or mechanical properties of the bag or pouch with the opening lines also clearly visible, making the package easy to control for the consumer. The laser technology is particular useful for perishable foods packaging where the quality and shelf life depend on a balance between air circulation and preservation of humidity.

The Rofin range of laser systems:

  • StarScribe Easy, a 100W compact turnkey CO2 laser system that can easily be integrated into existing production lines and winding systems
  • StarScribe Easy Remote, a 100, 200 or 300W system delivering higher laser power
  • StarScribe WD, a high performance module that can be integrated into existing slitters from all established manufacturers

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