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Rofin DC025 CO2 slab lasers from Laser Resources

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article image Cutting mild steel with laser technology
Laser Resources  presents the Rofin DC025 slab lasers, the diffusion cooled series of CO2 lasers designed to cut mild steel.

One of the most frequently cut materials in manufacturing, mild steel is used to create gears, blinds, coverings and chain links. Thicknesses up to 25mm are ideally cut utilising laser technology. A laser-based cutting solution is recommended for mild steel as it allows a clean and precise cut with minimal effort.

In combination with fibre optic (solid-state laser) or mirror systems (CO2 lasers), two dimensional geometries from flat sheet and three dimensional mild steel components such as hydroformed parts for the automotive industry can be cut.

While typical cutting speeds for mild steel are 18m/min for 1mm, 4.5 m/min for 3mm and 1.5m/min for 8mm material strength, a Rofin DC025 slab laser can cut 18mm steel at 9m/min.

Lasers cut metals by heating the material above its melting point in the focal point of the focused laser. The resulting molten material is ejected by a gas flow oriented coaxially to the laser beam so that a kerf is formed. For low-alloyed steels in particular, oxygen is typically used as cutting gas. At the moment the maximum counter thickness for laser flame cutting of steel is approximately 25mm.

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