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Perforation with Rofin StarShape CO2 lasers from Laser Resources

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The Rofin StarShape available from Laser Resources features a combination of sealed-off CO2 lasers with a 2- and 3-axis galvo scanning head and efficient software, opening up a wide range of new applications for processing non-metal materials.

Rofin StarShape CO2 lasers find application in the processing of non-metals as well as for perforation.

The excellent beam quality of Rofin laser sources also allows small spots with large processing fields and long focal lengths, enabling high power and fast processing.

The many configurations of the StarShape allow for maximum functionality by enabling the laser user to adjust the processing field and spot size with the help of software control.

Key features of Rofin StarShape CO2 lasers:

  • Laser power 100 watts, 200 watts or 300 watts
  • 3-axis technology, automatic field size adjustment as an option
  • Fast and effective 2.5D processing (optional) without repositioning of the workpiece
  • Processing fields ranging from 100mm x 100mm up to 1,250mm x 1,250mm
  • Double-head system as an option
  • Integration in customer workstations by Rofin

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