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Ophir output couplers from Laser Resources

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Ophir output couplers from Laser Resources are typically composed of Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) to minimise absorption and thermal distortion while transmitting a high-power laser beam.

Offering reflectance in the range of 40% to 70%, the Ophir output coupler and end mirror have optical surfaces with well-defined radii of curvature to optimise power and spatial profile of the laser beam. The end mirror usually has 99.5% reflectance, which means that the transmitted laser beam has low power.

Since absorption in the coating is higher than in the output coupler, substrate materials such as Germanium or Gallium Arsenide with high thermal conductivity are used in most lasers.

Key features of Ophir output couplers:

  • Varying edge thickness
  • Zinc Selenide surface
  • Low absorptivity
  • Reflectance from 40% to 70%

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