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New labelling system from Laser Resources withstands under-bonnet conditions

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The new laser labelling system Label Marker E from Laser Resources has been particularly designed to suit the uptime requirements of automotive assembly lines, offering labeling that can tolerate under-bonnet conditions. Label Marker E is also suitable for various other manufacturing environments.

The prominent advantages of the special laser etched labels include their capacity to withstand high temperatures, solvents and weathering and their tamper-proof characteristics. With their ability to withstand under-bonnet (hood) solvents and temperatures, these labels can be used to label a variety of assemblies, including the engine block.

The grey or black labels on the inside of the car petrol filler opening and car door frames are permanently laser marked onto label stock.

Critical information, such as fuel type, car tyre pressures, and VIN data, is entrusted to these non-transferrable, permanent labels for the entire lifetime of the car.

To enable auto tracking through production lines, the label material is laser marked with tiny barcodes and fixed to printed circuit boards in electronic production lines. These labels are capable of withstanding IR solder or wave solder machine temperatures.

It is the security aspect of this material that is particularly appealing. The label can be cured into a near permanent addition once it is fixed onto a surface. It can only be removed by destroying the label, scraping it into minute fragments. This ensures that the labels cannot be removed from one item and fixed onto another. Screw heads that must be opened to enable access are covered with small stickers to tamper-proof the product.

Normally designed with multilayers, a laser is used to vaporise the top layer of these labels, exposing the lower layer, which is often white.

With the Rofin laser marker, high speed label production can be achieved as it is capable of marking 1000 characters per second. Additionally, the system can laser cut the labels into any required shape.

The design of the new system evolved from the D-line version used by car manufacturers worldwide. Modelled on Rofin's end-pumped 30W E-line solid state laser, it is more compact.

Automated operation encompasses sensors to detect misfeeds, end-of-reel, splices; reel-to-reel feed; and laser marking and cutting of labels and pneumatic knife shearing.

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