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article image Protects against diode-pumped high power Nd:YAG lasers.

DIODE-pumped Nd:YAG laser systems are more and more commonly used in various kinds of laser applications such as material processing.

Under regular working conditions the diode pump source is covered; under setting and maintenance conditions however, laser protection needs to be considered not only against the Nd:YAG but also against the diode radiation.

For diode-pumped high power Nd:YAG laser systems, Laservision has developed a very sophisticated protective filter combining very high protection levels with excellent colour recognition.

The filter is based on mineral glass with di-electrical coatings on it and provides an optical density of OD 10+ at 808-1064nm.

The protection levels according to EN 207 are D L6 at 808-990nm and D L7 at >990-1064nm for cw mode and IR L8 at 808-1064nm for pulsed modes.

This filter is available in two different Laser Safety Glasses style frames - Vision and Eco with extra prescription insert - and in over the glasses, model Protector.

The Laser Safety Glasses are available from Laser Resources Management Pty Ltd .

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