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article image Protective eyewear meets international safety standards

RECENTLY, Australia adopted the European standard for Filters and Eye Protectors against Laser Radiation. The Australian Standard is AS 1337.4- this is identical to the European standard EN207.

EN 207 is split into four protection categories: D for continuous wave lasers; I for pulsed lasers (100ns to 0.1s pulse duration); R for Q-switched lasers (1 to 100ns) and M for mode-locked lasers (less than 1ns).

Laservison has been the first manufacturer of safety spectacles worldwide to demonstrate that its eyewear meets the mode-locked specification of European laser safety eyewear standard EN 207. In Australia and New Zealand Laser Resources Management Pty Ltd represents Laservision.

A broad range of certified products against most commonly used ultra short pico- and femtosecond lasers is offered with protection levels up to M L10 (1.5x10e6 J/m²). The filters are made from ion-doped mineral glass; some of them with additional di-electrical coatings for even higher laser resistance and better colour recognition.

Because of some specific reversible and irreversible effects of polycarbonate material shown in various research project Laservision does not recommend such PC eyewear against mode-locked lasers.

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