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Laser Resources stocks Ophir laser lenses

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Laser Resources  offers a range of Ophir products including Black Magic CO2 laser lenses, Clear Magic lenses, Meniscus lenses and Plano-convex lenses.

Black Magic CO2 Laser Optics Low Absorption Coating

Offering guaranteed low absorption (LA) characteristics, Ophir's Black Magic CO2 laser lenses offer superior performance and longer lifetime.

Clear Magic Ultra Low Absorption Coating  

Ophir’s Clear Magic lenses guarantee ultra low absorption (ULA) of maximum 0.13%, delivering several benefits including long lifetime, excellent durability and maximum focus stability. Ophir’s Clear Magic lenses are recommended by leading OEMs.

CO2 Laser Optics Meniscus Lenses

Meniscus lenses feature a concave surface and a convex surface. Major advantages include smaller beam diameter, and reduced spherical aberration and beam waste when precision cutting or marking. These lenses provide a smaller spot size with increased power density at the workpiece.

CO2 Laser Optics Plano-Convex Lenses

The Plano-convex lens features one flat surface and one convex surface. These lenses are more suitable for high turnover cutting applications, and when the cost factor is more important than the level of accuracy. A CO2 laser Plano-convex lens provides greater cut width for steel and other thick materials.

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