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Laser Resources’ partner Rofin offers polymer welding service

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Rofin, partner of Laser Resources offers welding service using laser technology.

It is now possible to weld seams near sensitive electronic components, to create invisible and aesthetic bonds with high-quality surfaces free from pores and debris after the welding process.

In principle all thermal polymers as well as some thermo-plastic elastomers can be welded. Overlap welding is the most common method for polymer welding: the upper layer needs to be transparent to the laser beam and the lower layer absorbs the laser radiation.

Hence, the welding process actually takes place within the component so that no contamination, vibration or heat stress sensitive components.

Depending on the requirement, Laser Resources’ partner Rofin provides diode lasers with direct beam (SWD, DL-R series) or fibre coupling (SWD) and diode-pumped YAG lasers with scanner heads (SWD-Y Series, SW Disc).

These different lasers provide the necessary range of laser wavelengths (808, 940, 1030, 1064 nm) as well as weld path widths. This product range also offers maximum flexibility with respect to coloured polymers and choice of welding method - such as contour or quasi-simultaneous welding.

In addition to the above range of lasers, the StarShape C (CO2 laser with scanner) is available, an ideal tool for welding of thin polymer foils. Moreover, Rofin offers a range of total system solutions such as e.g. the PolyScan.

Rofin offers a laser solution for almost all requirements: a team of application engineers is ready to support your manufacturing process.

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