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Fume extraction solutions from Laser Resources

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Laser Resources  has partnered with Alsident Systems and Fuchs to provide practical and functional fume extraction solutions for workplaces.

Fuchs offers advanced solutions for various problems caused by air pollutants. Fuchs extraction and filter systems integrate seamlessly into the work flow without affecting the worker.

Fuchs’ fume extraction systems combine design, first-class materials and resources, advanced production process, comprehensive servicing and practical, well-conceived accessories to provide a superior solution for workplaces.

Alsident Systems specialises in the production of high quality extraction arms that can be combined with their range of hoods to deliver solutions adapted to specific requirements. Alsident extraction arms are self-supporting in design, offering flexibility for easy positioning during the working process.

Having a healthy working environment keeps the employees happy and productive, resulting in greater commercial benefits for the company.

Local extraction, also referred to as process ventilation is about removing the pollution coming from a working process before it reaches the work area. Therefore, local extraction has to extract the pollution as close to the source as possible.

Alsident extraction arms are designed to get close to the source of pollution without interrupting the working process and efficiently remove the unhealthy pollution such as chemical fumes, gases, smoke and dust.

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