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The EasyMark system gives a desktop laser marking solution for metals and plastics with the same safety requirement as a CD player. 

Laser Resources has introduced its innovative new laser marker, the Rofin EasyMark.

Citing a need by its customer base and numerous other inquiries for a small, desktop or on-site transportable unit, Rofin created this fully self-contained diode-pumped laser marker.

The EasyMark is designed for metal or polymer marking applications having smaller dimensions with low to moderate volume and a small installation footprint.

The EasyMark can be used to replace conventional marking technologies such as inking or chemical etching.

The EasyMark laser is derived from Rofin's unique and versatile PowerLine E Series with its unique beam performance, high beam quality, and pulse stability.

Rofin's end-pumped diode technology offers long diode life and near maintenance-free operation.

The system incorporates Rofin's new LaserCAD.net technology allowing marking program files and laser control files to be downloaded directly from the user's laptop or desk-top computer.

In its standard form, the EasyMark is a Class I fully laser safe product, packaged for bench-top use.

For added mobility on the shop floor or throughout a manufacturing facility, the EasyMark can be adapted to rolling cart workstations.

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