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Laser Imaging uses laser systems for cutting, engraving and welding services

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Laser Imaging  uses laser systems to offer cutting, engraving and welding services. Additionally, Laser Imaging also offers folding and powder coating services which facilitate in providing completed products.

Both YAG and CO2 laser engraving systems are used to provide laser engraving services to a wide range of industries. YAG laser engravings are performed for logos, fonts, serial numbers and barcodes, while CO2 laser engravings are performed on furniture, desk accessories, chair backs, promotional items, flooring etc.

Laser Imaging provides a wide range of laser cutting systems to perform cutting on various materials and thicknesses. Laser cuttings are done on materials such as mild steel, spun mild steel, stainless steel, blow moulded, aluminium, plastics, timber, fabricated items etc.

Laser cutting systems from Laser Imaging include flat cutting, formed metal cutting, formed plastic cutting and rotary cutting. Flat cutting is ideal on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics and timber.

Formed metal cutting is done by laser method for most stamped or spun mild steel. Stainless steel components are easily trimmed by laser.

Formed plastic cutting is also suitable for laser cutting. The range of plastic components ideal for laser cutting include vacuum formed plastic, injection moulded plastic, roto moulded plastic, blow moulded plastic and fabricated plastic.

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