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LasMech Engineering offers shapes and letters to sign making industry

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LasMech Engineering  offers a comprehensive range of shapes and letters to sign making and plastic fabricating industry. LasMech Engineering specialises in one-off parts for sign makers, with optional high performance and alignment templates. The adhesive backing templates facilitate in quick and accurate mounting.

Cutting services using laser method is rendered for simple and complex shapes including alpha-numeric characters, logos and so forth. LasMech Engineering takes clients’ specifications on materials, thicknesses and the number of parts.

LasMech Engineering also offers a diverse range of laser cutting services on various materials such as coreflute, plywood, polycarbonate, MDF, ABS, acrylics and many more. Laser cuttings services from LasMech Engineering produces thin material units.

A wide range of sizes and thicknesses are cut using laser cutting machines. Machines used for laser cutting can cut parts of all sizes ranging from 10 millimetres x 10 millimetres to 2400 millimetres x 1200 millimetres. Materials are cut in varied thickness as well which ranges from 1 millimetre to 30 millimetres.

Laser used by LasMech Engineering for cutting purposes does not bring force on the material being cut and ensures quality and desired finish. Laser cutting machines allow finer and thinner sections of materials to be produced.

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