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Synchronised lifting system from Larzep

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Larzep synchronised lifting system has been designed to operate up to 32 hydraulic actuators or cylinders from one pump.

The synchronised lifting system uses either ultra sonic measurement (up to 300mm stroke cylinders) or wire trace feedback to a PLC controller and LCD display.

The system allows a single operator to operate cylinders in a number of configurations to perform lifting, pushing, pulling or lowering of loads uniformly.

The sensors mounted on the cylinders feed back information to the PLC unit and automatically adjust the flow rate from the pump to ensure an even stroke rate from each cylinder.

The sensor also makes it easier to the centre of gravity due to the pressure control in each point.

The synchronised lifting system can be used with cylinders working up to 700 bar working pressure with varying strokes and tonnages.

Differentiating features:

Some of the advantages of Larzep sync-lift:

  • The synchronised lifting system will evenly lift lower, push or pull offset loads
  • The synchronised lifting system can be programmed to allow variable jacking point heights
  • The synchronised lifting system can lift, push, pull or lower to a pre-determined height or distance
  • The synchronised lifting system is equipped for remote operation

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